Blended Learning
This 3-day workshop explores new techniques in teaching and learning that incorporate digital and web-based lessons for improved customization of instruction.
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Digital Literacy
This 3-day course provides experience for a 21st Century classroom, focusing on the use of technology, internet, research applications, Web 2.0 resources, and more.
Next Offering: October 18-20, 2016

Introduction to Problem Based Learning
This presentation provides an introductory overview to PBL and explores teaching methods, curricular design, and assessment; this workshop may be adopted to fit half-day or full-day time constraints.
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Problem Based Learning Design
This 3-day workshop provides an introduction to PBL, provides an opportunity to design a PBL unit for use in the classroom, and explores how PBL strategies increase collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking.
Next Offering: November 15-17, 2016

Professional Learning Communities
This blended course introduces participants to PLCs during two face-to-face meetings and six weeks of online coursework establishing a framework for common knowledge and beliefs about teaching and learning.
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Snapshots of STEM
This two day course allows participants to experience a functioning STEM School, interact with coaches and learners regarding PBL and observe a PLC.
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STEM Platform School Visit
Options for a tour of the NIHF STEM Middle or High School range from a free one-hour student led tour, a half-day tour, to a full-day tour.  Tours can be customized to fit your unique interests.
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STEM School Leadership
In these two half-day sessions, participants will focus on enabling administrators, STEM leaders, and educators with the core components of leading an effective STEM school.
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