Q. What is a hub?
A. OSLN hubs serve as facilitators for STEM education. While operating along STEM platform schools, Hubs drive the organization and creation of educational opportunities and community collaborations to amplify, accelerate and spread STEM education to a larger audience.

Q. What does the OSLN Akron Hub do?
A. The OSLN Akron-Hub follows the principle that STEM education and creative thinking benefit everyone. The OSLN Akron Hub exists to build, capture and connect STEM disciplines to one another and to those in the community who can benefit. While doing so, it leverages partnerships in alignment with economic development priorities.

The OSLN-Akron Hub also provides services, including presentations, workshops and professional development sessions, for educators and administrators interested in being trained in effective, STEM-based best practices. For more information, visit our services page.

Q. How does a network help further STEM education?
A. Through the support of an array of interested partners from the region, the OSLN Akron Hub assists with the development of effective educational systems based on STEM best practices. A network-based system for educational innovation provides the necessary infrastructure to launch strong and successful STEM schools by leveraging the efforts of many to develop innovative entities that could not sustain alone.

Local communities, businesses and other STEM stakeholders that make up the network also benefit from the OSLN Akron Hub’s partnership. STEM education enhances each community’s potential for economic development by creating a pool of globally competitive talent.

Q. What can the OSLN Akron Hub do for me and my organization?
A. The OSLN Akron Hub values the opportunity to help establish and sustain STEM partnerships. A touchstone for innovative concepts and creative educational initiatives, the OSLN Akron Hub supports increased interaction among educators, students and the larger community.

Directly and indirectly, the OSLN Akron Hub enhances the community through STEM knowledge and the critical and creative thinking resulting from STEM education. In addition to this, the OSLN Akron Hub provides professional development opportunities to educators and administrators looking to expand STEM in a variety of educational settings.

Q. Who can become part of the OSLN Akron Hub network?
A. Anyone from educational institutions, business, government entities, community organizations and the media can become involved with the OSLN Akron Hub and STEM education.

Q. How can my business/company become part of the Akron Hub’s network?
A. Please use the contact us page or call the OSLN Akron Hub at 330-761-3195 for information.