Grant Solutions

Interested in partnering with a STEM-focused service provider in an upcoming grant opportunity on behalf of your classroom, school or district? Or, are you a grant recipient with key educational features outlined you need assistance in fulfilling?

The OSLN-Akron Hub can help.  The Hub provides in-depth, STEM-focused strategic planning services, professional development offerings and much more, based on the highly effective best practices piloted at its platform schools. It doesn’t matter if you are urban or rural, public or private, large or small. Leveraging the Ohio STEM Learning Network and its array of STEM platform schools, the Hub is able to pull from a variety of models, so these innovative practices can be implemented for populations of every learning and academic level.

To learn more about how the OSLN-Akron Hub can help your organization in meeting its grant needs, please view our Grant Solutions for the i3 grant awardees as an example.  The Hub looks forward to partnering with you in the future.