Training Center

The OSLN Akron Hub is committed to providing high quality, effective STEM services and products through its training center, which allows for face-to-face, virtual and hybrid learning opportunities to occur. The purpose of the Akron STEM Training Center (ATC) is to leverage the assets of the Akron Hub’s platform schools for educators wanting to learn effective and sustainable STEM practices to incorporate these innovative and creative concepts in their classrooms. Ultimately, the goal is to impact students, so they may become creative problem solvers, 21st century thinkers and entrepreneurs through the use of rigorous STEM content.

The ATC is one of seven training centers underway throughout the Ohio STEM Learning Network. Each training center is intended to highlight the attributes of the regional STEM platform schools and provide a mechanism to magnify these practices to a larger audience.

For more information about the Akron STEM Training Center please call (330) 761-3195.

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