What Is The OSLN Akron Hub

Who we are
Founded in 2009, the OSLN Akron Hub is one of seven regional hubs across Ohio facilitating STEM partnerships between schools, higher education institutions, businesses, non-profits, government organizations and community groups. The OSLN Akron Hub primarily oversees and creates educational opportunities and community collaborations across a 13-county region in Northeast Ohio, and the hub works with STEM stakeholders in other parts of the state and beyond.

What we do
The OSLN Akron Hub serves as a network for STEM stakeholders in an array of industries by connecting these interested parties with the tools, best practices and knowledge needed to provide high-quality, effective STEM education. The OSLN Akron Hub’s founding partners are Akron Public Schools, Akron Tomorrow, the City of Akron, the Greater Akron Chamber, Invent Now (formerly the National Inventors Hall of Fame®), and the University of Akron.

The OSLN Akron Hub follows the principle that STEM education and creative thinking benefit everyone. In addition to educators, the OSLN Akron Hub works within the OSLN to spread STEM education to a larger group. The collaborations between the OSLN Akron Hub and these networks are adaptable depending on each audience’s need. The OSLN Akron Hub partners, with these stakeholders, increase STEM awareness, support and involvement.

The goals of the OSLN Akron Hub are to:
  1. Inform the public of how to leverage STEM programs in collaboration with the arts, 21st century skills and real-life experiences in engaging learning environments.
  2. Increase the reach and impact of STEM platform schools’ best practices, including people, tools and networks.
  3. Foster connectivity for STEM initiatives to exchange services, tools, knowledge and to grow partnerships and networks.
  4. Be a regional leader in creative, innovative strategies to build STEM education in Ohio and beyond.

Where we are
Based at the NIHF-STEM Middle School, the Hub leverages this custom-built, nearly 80,000 square foot, Silver-LEED certified space for meetings, tours, small group instruction, observations, networking events, informational sessions and more.

The OSLN Akron Hub utilizes the amenities of its partners to expand its reach outside the school walls to offer conferences, professional development sessions, workshops, panels and meetings off-site as well. Through its connections with other OSLN regional hubs, training centers and STEM networks, the OSLN Akron Hub has access to meeting and event spaces, which allows it to serve as a resource for the region and other STEM schools across the country. Additionally, the OSLN Akron Hub engages a group of highly trained facilitators able to travel so the Hub can provide an array of services and offerings wherever the need for these opportunities exist.

For more information contact the Akron Hub.