Why A Network

Each OSLN hub is unique, and through the support of an array of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) initiatives and interested partners, hubs utilize and create effective educational systems to incorporate the specific needs of schools, learners and community partners. A network-based system for educational innovation provides the necessary infrastructure to launch strong and successful STEM schools and spread the beneficial influence of STEM learning to a larger audience. For instance, the OSLN Akron Hub leverages its network by offering research, best practices, professional development and advocacy to support STEM education.

The benefits of the network reach further than the students, teachers and schools. Local communities, businesses and other stakeholders benefit from the increased critical and creative thinking skills that STEM students develop. These valuable skills enhance each community’s potential for economic development by creating a pool of globally competitive talent through STEM education.

How does this opportunity impact you and your organization?
  • The OSLN Akron Hub’s platform schools introduce creativity and innovation through a focus on STEM, creativity and innovation to generate new value and competitive advantage for companies and the region.
  • There is an opportunity to make these exceptional student innovators aware of your company and make a positive and enduring impression to attract them in the future as highly productive employees.
  • The OSLN Akron Hub links students and educators, at any phase of learning, to principles and practices that help support economic development throughout the region.
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